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Financial and Investment Planning

Financial planning ensures your financial goals can be met through the development of comprehensive and effective strategies that will strengthen your financial security.

Our qualified and experienced team are able to discuss with you your financial options, providing a four stage service in financial planning:

At our initial meeting, we will: 

  • Establish and assess your present personal and financial circumstances.
  • Analyse your requirements.
  • Define a broad investment strategy.
  • Discuss possible investment options.

This first consultation is charged at our normal hourly rate, unless otherwise specified.

Present to you our written report

Called a "Statement of Advice", this report discusses all of the above plus your risk assessment, recommended investments and projected results.

We charge a fee that is agreed to in advance for this initial report, which is without any obligation to proceed.

Implement your plan and place the investments

This is done after discussing your plan and upon you accepting that our advice meets all your requirements.

We charge a fee for the establishment of your recommended plan. All fees, brokerages and remuneration are disclosed to you prior to implementation.

Provide periodic reviews and portfolio valuations

We recommend that investment portfolios are reviewed regularly, at least annually, so that adjustments may be made to take account of changing personal needs and the performance of investment fund managers. Investment valuation reports can be prepared more frequently upon your request.

Depending on the size of your investment portfolio, a nominal fee may be charged for this service and is agreed in advance.

Today's investment world has never been more complex, that is why having a financial advisor with expertise that is gained by years of experience to advise you is so very important.

Through its Principal, Garry White, Brigdens Financial Services Pty Limited, AFS licence holder 237188, has been serving clients since 1988. Our representatives are members of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA), where on-going training is mandatory by attendance at specialized technical and professional seminars each year. You, our client, are assured that the advice you receive is up-to-date and in accordance with industry best practice and legal requirement.

We adopt a "fee-for-service" approach in packaging the services you need. In this way, our value proposition to you to help you achieve your goals and objectives is transparent and concise.

Additionally, we have no associations, other interests or relationships with issuers of any financial products capable of influencing us in giving advice to you. Simply, we put you, our client, first. Together with our strategic partners, we cover all aspects of your financial life. Do not take unnecessary risks with your future. Talk to us to guide you towards achieving your financial goals.


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