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Portfolio Management

We can provide you with a portfolio management service through which handling your investments can be easy! We provide the people, tools, and methods you require to effectively manage your investment portfolio.

Our comprehensive online portfolio administration and reporting service keeps abreast of the changes in the investment markets so you do not have to. The portfolio administration service features multi-asset administration, sophisticated tax and investment reporting, and the processing of corporate actions. You can have 24/7 online access through the issue to you of security codes and passwords.

All the reporting that you would expect from a professional portfolio administration service is provided, the most favoured being: 

  • Transaction reports
  • Valuation reports
  • Realised and Unrealised CGT reports
  • Income reports
  • Performance reports
  • End of year consolidated tax report
  • Investment register

The service is a very powerful and comprehensive in its application (for example “as at” reports can show the state of any portfolio at any historic date as far back as 1985).

At Brigdens, we manage your portfolio in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible, ensuring your individual requirements and objectives are met.

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